News update: A Friend of Mine and Read On have been digitally re-released and are now available to stream on your favourite platform

John Dawson Read


New Release

John has released a brand new track One Wish. You can listen or buy One Wish on our Bandcamp page.

What's New

Good Living, John's first album (recorded in 1972)

So..what news… well time ticks by, it only seems like yesterday that One Life was released, yet here we are several years later wondering where the time went. And yet much has been going on…. I got immense pleasure in recording My Father Said on a Steinway in the magnificent Recital Rooms in Bracknell UK whist being recorded by my son and video’d by my daughter: In 2013 I wrote The Floods of 2012 with no premonition of the disasters which were to come in the following years. The song now stands as a diary entry on the calendar of evermore dramatic and evermore scary global warming events. At some point in the last year an avid JDR follower discovered a copy of the very first JDR album Good Living (recorded in 1972) and so far I have resisted pressure to make it public… which, trust me, is seriously the right thing to do!

What’s next

More playing, more writing and, hopefully, getting back into the studio for that elusive next song collection. Not that there are not enough songs already in the frame… but it always seems the next one is the one worth waiting for. Check out the demos of some of the new songs on the music page. See what you think… and let me know.

Our friend, Yury

YuryYury lives in Latvia. Yury is a fan of many singers and songwriters and their songs, but in particular he is a fan of 'Such is The Mystery' on John's 'Read On' album.

Yury has recorded his own rendition of 'Such is The Mystery' but then he went on to write 'This Song' which is his personal dedication to John and 'the song that means do much to him.

So here is Yury singing 'This song' followed by his 'Mystery of Life' a personal dedication Yury has written for John:

Mystery Of Life
Dedication to John Dawson Read, by Yury

Sometimes I think about my life:
Why can’t I see this Higher Light
That shows me where I am to go forever…
Oh, if I know what can I do,
What can I sing for reaching to
My only star that leads from fool to clever…

I wrote these words when I was young,
The years gone by and I have sung
So many songs for goodness and for beauty…
And now I’m almost older man,
I’m nearly sixty and I can
Assert that life itself is sweetest duty…

And there is mystery of life
Afar from crowded city strife
To live each day in love and heartfelt giving…
So now I sing another words
And now I play another chords
And surely know enough of perfect living…

I’ve got enough of bitter-sweet
Of book of Life I have to read
And miss no word of this eternal scripture
And there’s no meaning where to start
While Holy Lord lives in your heart
Which loves and cherish every tiny creature

And if my life is done at last
There’ll never be regrets of past
I surely know it now – no doubt or sorrow
So when I reach my final creed
I’ll say «my Friend, John Dawson Read,
You showed me brightest way from past to morrow!