News update: A Friend of Mine and Read On have been digitally re-released and are now available to stream on your favourite platform

John Dawson Read

Hi Everybody…

Welcome and thanks once again for taking your precious time to look me up… its appreciated.

So, here I am, still out there, still plugging away, playing the occasion club or small French bistro café…. Just keeping my hand in, writing songs when the muse takes me and wishing it would take me more often! But Hey… I am just so happy that so many of you lovely people are still listening to my songs and that so often you will write to tell me how they make you feel when you hear them. It makes everything worthwhile.

This time I am making all the songs on all the albums available for you to play through this site after many have asked why you were unable to play your particular favourite on the old site.  So, please feel free, listen to as many as you like.  Its my pleasure….. and thanks for being there.