John Dawson Read

Hello again everyone…

So the time has come to update my website and once again to welcome every new, and every returning, visitor and to thank you for your time.

During the coming year I am optimistic that I will be presenting you with a new collection of songs, many of which are written, some which are in the process of being recorded, but some are still definitely yet to be created…. so, work to be done, which I am greatly looking forward to.

in the meantime many people have heard about, and have been asking about, a private collection of songs which either have been co-written by myself and others, or, songs of mine covered by other artists. This collection is entitled Covers and Co-Writes and has been around for a while. It features some fine artists and some of The United Kingdom’s very best songwriters. Although the CD is not available for resale I am including it now on this site for those of you who may be interested in hearing a different side to JDR. Hope you enjoy it.

I continue to be surprised that the numbers of listeners to my early songs on YouTube, in particular A Friend of Mine is Going Blind, continues to grow and that even now, some 40 years after I released my first record, a new younger audience is writing to me alongside those who remember my music from the 70’s… you cannot believe how wonderful that makes me feel… it makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you.